Hassle Free Kids Party

Fun and energy is the key! This is no ordinary children's disco party! We ensure the children are kept entertained with a fantastic variety of party games and party dances. Including:

Musical Bumps, Musical Statues, Musical Chairs, YMCA, Gangnam Style, Cha Cha Slide, Hokey Cokey, Dancing competitions, Hands up, Simon Says and much more. We are happy to work alongside other entertainers to ensure your event is a great success.

Q: Does your child want to invite the whole class to their disco? 

A: No problem! An unlimited number of children can be invited at no extra fee.‚Äč

Q: Can my kids provide a Playlist of their favourite songs?

A: Playlists/requests are never a problem or let us to play the party/chart favourites.

What will we provide?

  • Professional sound system
  • Chart Party Music
  • Party games for the younger ones
  • Small prizes supplied for games
  • Amazing LED lighting & laser effects
  • DJ booth along with all the technical necessities!

Its an adult disco just on a smaller scale....

School Disco

We are one of the best school disco providers in the area with some amazing prices available!

Q: If you have a big school?

A: You can split the years up and we can provide "back to back" disco's for different class years.